09 -December -2016 - 10:46
Company Overview

TELADAN PRIMA GROUP initiated palm oil project in 2004 and have it scheduled for total planting completion of 40.000 Ha before 2010, with initial production of CPO and Palm Kernel (PK) expected in the first quarter of 2009.

Vision and Mission

To develop unproductive land as a source of renewable natural resources and to create employment in remote areas.
To develop the oil palm plantations and associated infrastructure using management and technology that is both environmentally and socially responsible.
To produce the maximum quantity of palm products per planted hectare at the lowest possible production cost.
To sustain large yields over successive generations of palms and to maintain or increase soil fertility in the long term.

Management Team

Teladan Prima Group management team, comprised of former senior executive from leading oil palm plantation and seed supplier to develop, manage and operate the plantation and CPO milling facilities.
The management team has longstanding experience in the planning and oversight of new investments in oil palm plantations and mills, as well as in their ongoing operations, from the technical & engineering, accounting & finance, legal & permit, HS&E and community development perspectives.